Friday, December 3, 2010

EuroSTAR 2010 - a great experience

I attended my first EuroSTAR conference this week and it was very inspirational and a great learning experience. I was reminded of a lot of stuff I had more or less forgotten and I picked up many new ideas that I will try out. Amongst the many talks and workshops there are a few that sticks out. Michael Bolton on Test Framing was very good. I picked up some very useful stuff attending that. Lynn McKee on inspiring passion in your team was excellent. She made a lot of good points and I will remember them and use them. There were some very good keynotes and Rob Sabourin, Anthony Marcano, Dino Petti, Bob Galen were all really good. They all put ideas into my head and I came back with some new ideas to write about. There were others that were inspiring as well. Henrik Andersson och Fredrik Rydberg made great presentations that gave me some new ideas to test. Ajay Balamurugadas was amazing when he presented Weekend Testers.

Perhaps the best thing was the Test Lab. A good place to do the fun stuff, test, and a great place to learn, listen, discuss with some very good testers. I came back from the conference with some good ideas for new posts on the blog and I will start writing this weekend. I might as well walk the walk and do my best to keep my own passion going and write while I still remember why I made those notes and thought of those topics.

Hanging out with some great people was inspiring and a lot of fun! Testing is fun and testers are fun! At least the good ones :)


  1. Ola,

    It was great meeting you at EuroStar. I am delighted to read in your blog post that you found the TestLab to be so valuable. Right now I am working on a blog post on the irrefutable value of hands on, collaborative learning such as the TestLab and Weekend/Weekday Testers offer.

    I hope to see you at a future Weekend Testers Americas session and perhaps in person again at a conference in 2011!


  2. Thank you Lynn,

    I'm looking forward to your blog post on "hands on". I believe that is very important to. We can theorize as much as we want but it's the real life experiences and the hands on work that will test the theories.

    I will try out Weekend Tester Europe and Weekend Testers Americas so I hope to see you there and at a conference in 2011.