Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bug magnet?

Do you ever feel like a bug magnet? Well I do, occasionally. I experienced a bug, well it there were several wrongs involved, last Friday in Gothenburg. Here's the story.

I was in Gothenburg to see ZZ Top with my brother and we as we walked from out hotel to the venue I stopped by an ATM to get some cash to spend at the show. The ATM was located outside a bank, Nordea to be exact, and the ATM was a really old one. It has a small black and white screen and I know this model has been in use in Sweden since the 80's. Now I do guess the software has been upgraded several times since, but that is pure assumption on my part. Anyway, I inserted my VISA card, entered my PIN, as instructed. I then got to choose if I wanted a receipt printed or not, I chose not to. Then I entered 600, that's what I wanted to withdraw. Now is when the funny stuff happened. I get a printed receipt withe the text "Your bank does not allow the withdrawal", the standard message when you haven't enough money on your account. Then I get a message on the screen saying "Take your money". OK? What did just happen here? The machine prints, when I said I didn't want it to do that and it told me I couldn't withdraw that amount. Then it still gives me the cash! Just another Friday night for the tester. I'll send a link to this post to the bank and see if they react. I'll post the reaction if I get one.

I guess most people wouldn't think more of it when they get there cash but the tester in me noted the strange behavior and hopefully I'll make use of it when testing in the future. I did check my bank account when I got home and the withdrawal was logged as it should and there was more funds in the account, which I expected.

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  1. Disappointing results so far. I've only received an automatic mail replay from the bank saying they got my mail and will get back to me.
    At least I tried to tell them about the bug.