Sunday, April 10, 2011

SWET2 - A great way to spend a weekend

Back home again, tired and inspired, after a weekend of test talk outside Göteborg. The second installment of SWET, SWET2, with 15 testers. This was my first peer conference and I hope there'll be more to come. The format was great and we had some very inspired, and inspiring, discussions. I come back with a bunch of new thoughts and ideas that I will try to mold into something I can use, when the opportunity arises.

Thanks to Rikard, Martin and Henrik for arranging a great gathering.

The delegates were: Christin Wiedemann, Torbjörn Ryber, Azin Bergman, Fredrik Scheja, Henrik Andersson, Johan Jonasson, Ola Hyltén, Sigge Birgisson, Simon Morley, Rikard Edgren, Henrik Emilsson, Martin Jansson, Steve Öberg, Robert Bergqvist, Saam Koororian. All contributed to a great weekend!

The tweets from SWET2 might tell you something about the discussions that went on

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