Sunday, November 6, 2011

I may call it the Bolton heuristic

This is jolted down rather quickly and I will revisit it and edit it later. It's one in the morning here so it is what it is. This is an idea and we'll see where  it goes.

Michael Bolton tweeted about how he discovered that he had missed out on how his mother had been promoting the use of mind mapping for years. These things happen, and they probably happen to most of us sometime. I started to relate this to test and saw how it could help me see things I might otherwise miss. This is how my thinking goes. I like to look at the big picture and remind myself of looking up and try seeing a bit further. This is a good thing, I believe, since at least I need to be reminded of this every now and then. A problem might be that I forget to look right in front me and assess whatever it is that is close, right there. So what do I mean by close and right in front of me? Well, I call it close if one aspect is close. For example it may be close emotionally but far away physically or it might be close physically but emotionally distant or intellectually close but emotionally and physically distant. This way I get several ways to look at close and several ways to assess the close things. It will also be helpful to me to shift focus from the larger picture and scale to the near and close. This is just the first thoughts on what I right now call the Bolton heuristic and I'm sure I'll get back to re-work it later. It's inspired by Michael Bolton and without him I would not have thought about this at this time or in this way, so thank you Mr. Bolton.

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