Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ask a question!

I just a read a post by @siggeb on his blog. I put a question to @siggeb when he tweeted about that he "would ask the right questions" and I just had to say something. How does he know what the right questions are, I thought. It felt a bit to bold, like HE knew how to ask the "right" questions. So I had to challenge him. My first thought was that it's all context dependent and to find similar information from different people/systems/papers you're likely to need to ask different questions. You won't know until you get a reply if that was the right question.

I didn't hear anything from @siggeb for a while. I had almost given up when I got a reply on twitter. I've met the man at Öredev the last couple of years and I know he's a nice guy and a thinking guy so I was looking forward to getting some kind of response. I did, and the fact that I had something to do with him writing that post is humbling and feels good.
I've added a link to Sigges blog and I hope you check it out.

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